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Th, 21-June-18, 5:07 PM
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FTPRush 1.0 RC5 build 520
buli_17Date: Th, 04-September-08, 2:21 PM | Message # 1
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FTPRush 1.0 RC5 build 520

FTPRush is a fast, reliable, powerful and easy-to-use FTP/FXP client for Microsoft Windows. It allows you to transfer files from local to server, server to local or server to server. It allows you to fully customize the user interface on the fly. It allows you to create your own scripts to do automatic jobs... It allows you to do a lot of things. Stay with FTPRush and have fun!

Update history for version 1.0 RC5


(+) "Allow paste local file to remote window" (option/"mouse action")
(+) Mode Z for upload/download/list, (Option/Transfer/Compress);
(+) Per site Anti-Idle Command
(+) New Option page "Option/Transfer/"Compress/Cache")
(*) Disk Cache disabled for Local network transfer
(-) A bug when parsing multibyte FTP directory. (unicode version)
(-) Please edit your ASCII File List, "*.txt1*.xml" MUST change to "*.txt" and "*.xml".

(+) Disk Buffer for per download connection (Option/Transfer/"upload and download")
(-) Abort Transfer when disconnect by server makes Queue never stop

(+) Allow set FTP Server directory Charset(unicode version only). ("Server Propertiy"/"Connect"/ListMode)
(+) New FTP directory Parser. you can select it via "Server Property"/"Connect"/ListMode)
(-) fixed parsing multi lines FTP Server reply messages

(+) Send FEAT command(global/site), per Site FEAT features take effect when "Send FEAT" set to "NO"
(-) FTP thread did not cleanup all proxy information when reconnect

(+) Allow input path at Local Shell Combo
(-) Press "" key at Bar Edit cause local window change to drive root

(*) improve Local window icon drawing speed
(-) "Manual Download" dialog shows when do "Copy URL" at "FTP File Find" dialog

(+) Allow fill password when copy URL (Favorites/security setting)
(*) transfering file at XDUPE mode and It is dupe file. will be marked as skip mode
(-) Reset total transfer status did not update to current date

(*) when downloaded, will try to get file size again to compare transfer ok or not
(-) when local folder included "%" cause main interface lost response (debug version only)

(*) If first file downloaded with PASV mode, FTPRush will always use PASV mode to download until disconnected
(*) RushApp.Util.Standalone.Connect checks a valid bookmark before connect to FTP server
(-) Now RepeatCount only take effect for Folders, File's RetryCount decided by Global Queue broken RetryCount
(-) AV Error when deleted a FTP Monitor Directory.

(+) Remove dest 0 byte file when STOR ok but RETR failed (FXP mode only), (Option/Transfer/Misc.)
(+) Double click a "New Log Window" will Close it
(*) Script Manager now save compiled file into disk for fast loading when startup (2-3 times)
(*) Now when FXP Source FTP dont allow download with 5xx reply code, this queue will be marked as Failed ASAP
(*) TransferQueue function: Complete Flag apply to dest FTP too (FXP mode only)
(*) Command Edit Box now select Remote window automatically if current side is Local window

(-) Last write time of Local File was wrong.
(-) Downloading is broken when FTP Server reply 2xx reply code with socket timeout

(*) when start queue, FTPRush now will auto switch remote/local window to fit transfer mode

(+) Tag for Path of Remote bookmark: %YYYY%(2004), %YY%(04), %MM%(09), %M%(9), %DD%(08), %D%(8)
(*) Deny SFV feature now apply to download too
(-) Delete Local file from Context menu with Shift key pressed still delete files to recycle bin
(-) Downloading not broken when Disk Full


((( Mitrovica & Kercova Hakers Grup )))) - Forum » Forumet kryesore » Programe Aplikative » FTPRush 1.0 RC5 build 520
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